Managing Edublogs

This section of the site is to help School Leaders and Facilitators with processes that help establish new edublogs within a school or cluster that ensure connection  with Hāpara etc. We are developing a number of tools here to support you in this mahi. 

The go to place to look at to see who has an edublog connected to hāpara, the blog feed etc. Searchable

To create a blog with the theme widgets and organistion submit using this form

To create a new edublog account for a  teacher that doesn't have one use this form. 

A learner has come to a new school that already has a blog. Associate their new email address with their blog. The database that Hāpara looks at is updated using this. 

This is especially important for secondary schools.

The Hero Image is the image banner across the top of edublogs. These can be changed to represent your school, or cluster.